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"Yale directs with perfect pace. Terrific" ★★★★The Times

 “Michael Yale's production is riveting" ★★★★★ Libby Purvis

 “An absolute delight, a solid five-star show” ★★★★★ Broadway World

"Terrific. Yale directs with perfect pace. Go!"

Late Company (Trafalgar Studios) The Times ★★★★

"Scintillating. A potent piece of work"
Late Company (Trafalgar Studios) Daily Mail

"Director Michael Yale's well-acted production cranks up the tension, while deliving into welcome pockets of black humour. Superb" Late Company (Finborough Theatre) Time Out ★★★★

"Yale directs his company with incisive sensitivity"  Late Company (Jonathan Baz) ★★★★

 “Director Michael Yale generates a straightforward romanticism…we are lured from the onset, the production hangs together perfectly…visually attractive and richly engaging”   Monsieur D'Eon (Union Theatre) The Stage ★★★★

 “Michael Yale has chosen to direct his own play.  His direction strengthens the line of the narrative and produces a lovely flow of energy…excellent …resonates on so many levels” This Little Life of Mine (Park Theatre) LiveTheatreUK ★★★★

 "Luke's outburst in the second act, played distressingly well by Michael Yale is perfecly paced and genuinely shocking" 
  Grace Under Pressure (Old Red Lion) - Time out (Critic's Choice)

 "Michael Yale's book is very strong, with more than a touch of Carla Lane...Complimenting a very fine script musical numbers that capture a wit and energy that reminded me of
Lionel Bart's work. This is high praise indeed, but the material really is that good." This Little Life of Mine (Park Theatre) Broadway World ★★★★★

 "Creator Michael Yale delivers an admirably well written and structured play, never sensationalising but presenting the shocking facts accurately and unflinchingly." In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom (Soho Theatre/Tristan Bates) LONDONIST