Drama based solutions for personal impact, interpersonal effectiveness and positive change
DramaInSite offers exceptional live and virtual 1to1 coaching, group training workshops and conference sessions . With over 25 years of expertise in the use of drama in a learning and development context, sessions include presentation skills, public speaking, managing difficult conversations, understanding body language and vocal impact and communicating under pressure.


 In recent years the use of actors and drama as a valuable resource in learning and development has been widely recognised by many of the world’s top companies and business professionals. The use of real-play and drama based techniques on training courses and assessment centres offers powerful tools to develop and assess communication, management and interpersonal skills.

Drama Based Skills

Forum Theatre

Real Play

Drama Based Skills

Some of the skills, and techniques used by actors can be used by everyone in everyday communication, especially for communication that can be more difficult to deliver.

 DramaInSite's exercises are never theatrical.  They are designed to unlock an individual’s potential, not make them act at being anything other than themselves. They are practical tools and ideas that can benefit any individual in encouraging greater self-awareness and personal effectiveness.

 Depending on the programme requirements DramaInSite’s use of drama based exercises explore a range of concepts including: body language, handling nerves in difficult situations, status behaviour, effective communication, influence, image and impact.

" I like that workshops were interactive, your advices are accurate and most importantly personal - not something generic you can fin on the internet" Senior Biopharm Manager June 2020

Forum Theatre

In forum theatre a difficult situation or dilemma is performed live by actors for delegates to observe at first hand (These short “scenarios” are designed to realistically represent the specific organisation and reflect the context of the learning). The learners then have the opportunity to change the behaviour of one of the characters in the scene to try to get a better outcome or to solve the dilemma.

This technique enables theoretical learning to be put into practice in a safe environment and also allows different tactics to be tried and compared. Participants can suggest ways of tackling the situation and watch as the results of their decisions unfold. If they decide things are not going as well as they had hoped they can change tactics or even “stop start or re-wind” to an earlier point in the scenario in order to re-set the parameters and try different approaches.

Audiences are encouraged to interact with the characters. A character can be “hot-seated” whereby the delegates get to ask direct questions in order to understand that person more fully and uncover their motivations; an opportunity not always afforded in real life. Forum theatre provides an excellent way of bringing theory to life. It encourages participants to consider and observe alternative ways of working and to model and test alternative behaviours and outcomes in a safe environment.

DramaInSite’s forum theatre sessions can be performed for small groups or to large audiences – sometimes to hundreds of people in a conference setting. Forum Theatre is used in many of our development programmes and can also be embedded into internally delivered programmes, providing a high impact, cost-effective addition to in-house courses.

" Thank you for such a great session, you gave great input" Senior Sales Manager Dec 2019

Real Play

Role-playing with professional actors gives participants the closest experience possible to real life without risk. DramaInSite’s “real-play” enables individuals to practise their skills by working with our actors; inviting participants to engage in realistic skills exercises in a way they never can when working theoretically.  These “real-plays” are always directly related to the participant’s real-life circumstances; they may make use of previous experience or “rehearse” for an up and coming situation. Working with “theatre based” training allows people to engage with interpersonal issues quickly and effectively.


An added benefit of “real-play” is that the actors can offer sensitive and constructive feedback in character.  This gives a fascinating and often rare insight for delegates into how their actions impact on individuals; this can then lead into facilitated discussions or provide data for observers or coaches. As well as being professional actors, DramaInSite role-players are also skilled at absorbing complex, business, legal, financial and emotional information. They also have experience of the world of business and commerce.

" I was very wary of having actors working with me and expected to feel awkward and uncomfortable, in fact it was probably one of the best training sessions I have ever been on. So practical and totally engaging. Can't wait to put it into practice." Global Medical Specialist June 2020